Ramp Up

Person in wheelchair with RampUp Logo with IUE logo at the bottom

Building Freedom – One Ramp at a Time

Habitat for Humanity of Schenectady County, Inc. is working to improve the lives of those with mobility issues by offering them access to the community through building wheelchair ramps. Since the launch of Ramp Up in 2018, with strong backing from our amazing partner IUE-CWA Union, Schenectady Habitat has mobilized volunteers to build wheelchair ramps for homeowners who are seeking better accessibility to their own homes. Because of the skill and generosity of dedicated volunteers, Habitat’s Ramp Up program makes it possible for the homebound to go to doctor’s appointments, attend church, run errands, visit friends and relatives, and have an active lifestyle.

Since 2018, Schenectady Habitat has built 32 ramps for homeowners and 4 ramps for other local non-profits. The demand for Ramp Up services remains high. With the strength of our volunteers, and the solid foundation that IUE-CWA provides, we can continue to build more ramps for community members in need.

We are currently accepting applications for ramps to be built in 2024.



house with wheelchair ramp built in front of it

Ramp Up benefits:

  • Increased mobility and more choice in daily activities
  • Reconnecting with friends and communities
  • Accessing social service programs
  • Being supported to age in place and stay in their own communities rather than the alternative of moving into costly assisted living facilities
  • More trips to get medical care such as doctor’s visits and dialysis treatments
  • In cases of emergencies to exit quickly and safely
*We are currently accepting applications for ramps to be built in 2024.

two photos of houses with wooden wheelchair ramps
Text of quote that reads: Never in my life would I have ever thought I’d be in a position that I would be confined to a wheelchair. I am very grateful for the opportunity through the Ramp Up program. They have allowed me independence that I previously did not have to get in and out of my own home. I truly am one lucky guy to have the amazing support of our wonderful community. John
sign that says build by the volunteers of Schenectady habitat with support of IUE-CWA Ramp Up Program. Two more houses with wooden wheelchair ramps